Snacking on Fruits and Nuts

Snacking on Fruits and Nuts

Do you ever find yourself snaking in between meals? Or are you somebody who likes to feel stuffed after a meal, and then can’t move until the next one? These eating habits can prevent you losing weight, or at least can give you a bloated look.

Eating snacks like potato chips or cookies in between meals can be worse than eating a decent sized meal, so the best thing to do is keep to sensible sized meals, but eat healthy snacks between meals instead.

Often, if you are feeling a bit hungry, it is because your body is actually telling you to drink, water is best of course. However, sometimes you need something a bit more solid to take your mind off your hunger pang.

The first thing you can try is eating fresh fruit as a snack. The two most popular of course are apples and bananas. Bananas are great because they are better at filling you up, and can also be easily sliced to be put on top of a cereal.

These fruits you can be used as tasty gap fillers:








Kiwi fruit

Don’t forget you can also eat dried fruit such as dried apricots, sliced bananas and many others, however, be careful to read the packaging to make sure they have not added sugar.

Nuts are also a great way of keeping your hunger at bay. You may be thinking “but aren’t they full of fat?”, the truth is there is good fat and bad fat, and nuts actually contain fat the body needs, which is different to saturated fat.

Pumpkin seeds for example are great for nibbling on, grabbing the odd handful when you are feeling a bit peckish. Keep a variety of fruit and nuts near your desk or at home to eat between meals rather than fatty snacks, the less unhealthy snacks you can put into your body, the better.