Dieting to Lose Weight is Simple

Dieting to Lose Weight is Simple

The biggest frustration that most fitness professionals have is that one of the biggest keys to weight loss success is completely out of their hands. Getting a person motivated to exercise hard for an hour at a time isnt too hard, creating a safe and effective workout program that helps someone lose weight is pretty easy too. The hard part is getting any sort of dietary compliance in the 23 hours of the day that a client is on their own!

Well the good news is that dieting to lose weight can be simple! I dont want to overcomplicate things so I will make sure to keep this as simple as I am proposing dieting should be. To start off and get things going in the right direction dont worry about low carbohydrates and counting calories, just try to make a few good decisions each day.

I have a typical client: hes in his 40s, works way too much, commutes an hour each way to work and is too busy with his professional life and family to do much of anything else. Well this guy has managed to lose ten pounds in the last three weeks!

You would be surprised what he did to lose all that weight he cut out snacking while at his desk at work and stopped having a drink each night during the week thats it! He eats three square and sensible meals a day and makes sure to drink enough water. Were you hoping for some secret?

Sorry, there isnt one. Anyone that tells you there is will try to sell it to you a minute later.

Weight loss is about creating a calorie deficit each day and that starts with making one right decision at a time.

Its that simple.