Bodybuilding Inspirations – Aziz “Zyzz” Shavershian Bodybuilding Motivation

The Legend of Zyzz

Aziz Shavershian (or ZYZZ as most people know him) is without a doubt one of the biggest bodybuilding inspirations who have ever lived. Zyzz was an Australian bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness model who has motivated and inspired thousands of people around the world to get in shape and get sick aesthetics.

Why was Zyzz such a big deal? Because he represents so many guys out there: the skinny ectomorph who has trouble gaining any weight at all. He stands for so much more than that, though.

Zyzz’s life was transformed through fitness and he had it all…girls, money, fame, and an amazing transformational story. In fact, Zyzz is the #1 most inspirational person on

These days, if you have been into bodybuilding even for a little while, you have most likely heard the name Zyzz and even heard the many phrases he’s come up with, like “You mirin’?”, or bringing words like aesthetics and “brah” into the mouths of bodybuilders, fitness models, and exercise buffs alike.

The Zyzz Workout & Diet Routine

Zyzz followed a workout routine primarily made up of compound movements. These included bench press, incline press, deadlifts and squats.

Zyzz also eat very clean, which meant no sugars, no fast food, and no soft drinks.

There is no doubt that Zyzz worked very hard and his dedication and persistence showed in his amazing physique. It’s no wonder that these days, Zyzz is a legacy in the bodybuilding world and an inspiration for all skinny guys (or anyone trying to get into shape).

When Zyzz Passed Away: A Real Tragedy

Zyzz tragically passes away in a sauna in 2011 due to a heart attack from an undiagnosed heart condition. This was both a shock and a sad event for so many people.

To this day, people quote Zyzz and pass his videos and images all over the internet from when he was still alive.

This is why Zyzz is without a doubt one of the top bodybuilding inspirations who ever lived and has helped me over the years to get ripped and strive to have the best body I can.