A Man’s Journey to Bodybuilding Success

I am a 17 year old male natural bodybuilder from Australia. I’ve been consistently training for 2 years and I believe in health, fitness and nutrition. My ultimate aim at the moment is to inspire and motivate more people to make healthy decisions and commit to their goals.

Originally, my best friend used to motivate me as he was stronger and looked more shredded than me. After I overcame him through training and diet, my older brother motivated me to start taking it more seriously. I am still trying to better him at the moment and definitely believe I can within the next year. As far as pro fitness models and bodybuilders go, I’ve always aspired to the older physiques like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu as they motivate me as well. Another important part of my motivation is my training partners. Without them I wouldn’t be able to push as hard on a consistent level.

As I mentioned before I aspire to the older bodybuilders in general. But I also consider many other motivational figures such as Rob Riches, Ulisses, Simeon Panda and Jay Cutler. Generally for music, I listen to older hip hop to motivate me as most of their songs are about struggle and overcoming it.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve used various different approaches towards sculpting my physique. I’ve trained between 3 and 7 times a week like I do now and done both high, low and medium rep routines incorporating many intensity amplifying techniques. My diet mostly consists of eggs, a lean meat or fish, brown rice, sweet potato, milk, oats, fruit and salad. I’ve used many different supplements when needed but generally just stay with a protein, intra-workout amino and a creatine. I’ve never really been into multivitamin supplements, although I believe they are good, I also believe I cover that field with my diet.

I see myself at the moment, at the beginning of a huge journey ahead. I plan to compete as a natural bodybuilder, gain sponsorships and motivate and inspire my fans, providing them with useful knowledge and tips along the way.