2. Books and Essays

Upon request – here is the beginning of a list of my publications on the welfare state. More will be added when time permits.


Ending the Welfare State

The era of the welfare state is over. It is fiscally and morally unsustainable. It has wreaked havoc in Europe, brought Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and other countries to their knees.

It is about to do the same thing to America.

The welfare state has reduced tens of millions of people, both in America and in Europe, into welfare takers, many for life. It has destroyed their self esteem, deprived them of the pride of self determination – and sent taxes through the roof. Thanks to the welfare state, it is so hard to create new jobs in Europe that three generations have grown up to a life at the mercy of government.

America is heading in the same direction. And fast. All paid for with reckless deficits.

In my new book I present a simple, transparent five-step plan that will help us avoid a European-style encounter with austerity and social and economic chaos. Contrary to the austerity alternative, my plan combines economic freedom with attention to, and care for, the poor and weakest among us.

Click here and order your copy today!

Remaking America – Welcome to the Dark Side of the Welfare State

The newly elected majority in the House of Representatives will be powerful enough to stop the Obama big-government agenda. But historically, Republicans have been all too willing to compromise with statist liberals.

This time around, compromising will have disastrous results. It will bring Sweden to America – big, stifling government that delivers little and taxes a lot. The accumulated history of expanding government, from Clinton through the Bush Jr presidency, to Obama has brought America dangerously close to an ominous tipping point:

The Dark Side of the Welfare State.

Once we cross over, it is virtually impossible to turn back. Look at Europe’s welfare states: they are stuck forever with big government. Any attempts to roll it back are met with furious riots in the streets. And even when they succeed – all they do is cut spending.

Taxes remain the same.

The Dark Side of the Welfare State is a dreadful place to be. I know. I saw what it did to Sweden. And I see the early warning signs here in America.

In my book Remaking America: Welcome to the Dark Side of the Welfare State, I tell the true, grim story of what life is like under the Swedish welfare state. And I show what will happen here in America if the GOP lets Obama keep growing government: literally deadly health care rationing; a government that forces cancer patients back to work; hospitals that let children die of curable diseases for lack of money; out-of-control crime; 500 schools burning from arson attacks every year; massive poverty… and the world’s highest taxes.

I explain how the welfare state goes from being benevolent and seemingly generous to being stingy, vicious, harsh and unforgiving toward those it set out to help. My book takes you on a trip to the Dark Side of the Welfare State – the side that no one in America knows existed. It is a trip you will not want to do in real live – a trip through a crumbling society, disintegrating from under the pressure of an unbearable welfare state.

You can be the first to know what the Dark Side of the Welfare State looks like. Buy the book now!


Making Block Grants Work: A Model for Reforming Federally Sponsored Entitlement Programs; A memo on how to reform entitlement programs in America; May 2013.

Spending Caps for the Wyoming Government: Revenue-Based Options to Restrain State Spending; Wyoming Liberty Group Economic Review, March 2013.

Eugenics and the Welfare State. This essay is available on Page 3 of this blog.

Compact for America: An Economic Explanation; Wyoming Liberty Group Economic Review, February 2013. Co-authored with Byron Schlomach, Ph.D., Director of Center for Economic Freedom, Goldwater Institute.

The Socialist Roots of the Welfare State. An essay on the ideological roots of the welfare state.


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