A Note on Tax Avoidance

I am in the process of Microsoft evasion. I went shopping for a new Toshiba Satellite recently and had a dreadful encounter with Windows 8. I have been a loyal Toshiba Satellite customer for years – my fourth in a row is nearing the end of its life – but this new abomination of an operating system had me scramble for the nearest Apple store. Alas, I now own my first Mac since 1998 and I am in the process of “going Mac”. It will take a couple of days, and in the meantime I may not have time to write daily articles. However, by Monday we should be back to regular business again.

Therefore, just a short note today, on tax policy. The European Commission is on a war path again with people who don’t want to pay the world’s highest taxes. The EU Observer has the story, which starts out with an amazing statement by a government bureaucrat:

The EU commissioner in charge of cracking down on tax cheats has urged investigative journalists to keep digging for dirt.

Let’s listen to that sentence one more time:

The EU commissioner in charge of cracking down on tax cheats has urged investigative journalists to keep digging for dirt.

Can my fellow Americans imagine the IRS Commissioner asking investigative journalists in the United States to go do stories on private citizens and report their findings to the IRS? Well, in the wake of Obama’s reprehensible IRS-based stalling campaign against Tea Party 501(c)(3) applications we have to assume that virtually nothing is beyond the realm of his regime. But beyond Obama (whose days in the White House, due to all the scandals, may be fewer than the days remaining on his second term) in normal, regular America, there is not a chance in the world that even the most liberal-leaning reporters would lend their profession to the IRS.

Yet to the Eurocrats who run the EU, it is perfectly normal to expect that journalists shall be helping the government go after what the government deems is undesirable behavior among the citizenry.

Not even criminal, mind you.

Back to the EU Observer:oo

EU countries have given [the EU tax commissioner] the go-ahead for a cascade of new measures designed to claw back €1 trillion a year in lost tax revenue. Semeta told EUobserver in an interview this week the change in EU politics is due to a “perfect storm” of events. He mentioned the intensification of the economic crisis, the US push to end bank secrecy under its “Fatca” bill and the French scandal of Jerome Cahuzac – an ex-minister who stashed his fortune in secret accounts – as important factors. But he said the main “trigger” was “Offshore Leaks.” “Citizens, people in member states have started paying much more attention to how their countries can collect taxes which are due under national law … If you ask me, I personally think Offshore Leaks could be identified as the most significant trigger behind these developments,” he noted.

The organization called “Offshore Leaks” was nothing but a group of snooping “journalists” with an envious attitude toward well-to-do fellow citizens. Based on some false notion of “tax evasion” they pried in to bank accounts and secret financial documents from all over the world, then published the information in such a format that legitimate businesses and investors were vilified as criminals.

The mounting resentment toward tax avoidance and the attempts to criminalize international investments are clear signs of desperation on behalf of the world’s socialists. Their big-government project par excellence, Europe, is sinking and they are clinging to it for the life of their ideology. As their ship goes down they are doing everything they can to lash out at what they see as their enemies – friends of freedom and Capitalism.

A lot more to be said on this. Stay tuned.


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