Government Invades Newborn Babies’ Lives

Are you fit to live in Smiley-Face Bloomberg’s NEWYORK?

First he took on big servings of soda. Next on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s agenda is infant formula. Going into effect on September 3, New York City’s mayor will implement his voluntary Latch On NYC initiative in which infant formula will be kept locked away at hospitals to encourage breast-feeding for new mothers. Under the new program, reported by the New York Post, mothers who insist on bottle-feeding will still be able to do so, but nurses would have to sign out the baby formula, which would always be on hand for mothers who have difficulty breast-feeding. The Post reports that 27 of the city’s 40 hospitals have also agreed to eliminate gift bag giveaways of infant formula and other free items like lanyards or mugs with formula-company logos. The mayor has gotten criticized over the new policy, which is set to take effect in September.

Mayor Smiley-Face is hard at work creating a New Engineered World for the Youthfully Optimized and Radically Konformed. Eat, drink and breast-feed according to his enlightened directions, and he will protect you against the evils of personal choice, individual responsibility and self determination.

While some are chiding the mayor for imposing a “nanny state,” The National Alliance for Breast-feeding Advocacy says it’s a good program. The Alliance’s executive director says keeping baby formula under lock and key, like medicines are kept, helps prevent hospital staffers from reaching for a bottle first, instead of encouraging new mothers to nurse their babies.

There is no doubt that nature has equipped female mammals – humans included – with a safe, nutritious way to feed their babies. But that does not mean that advancements in the technology of feeding babies are for the worse. But at the end of the day, this is not about the best way to care for a baby. This is about a fundamental issue of government vs. individual and economic freedom. This is a debate about how politicians are using government powers for increasingly authoritarian incursions into people’s lives – in the name of the good, of course.

To put this in perspective, let’s get back to the CBS News story, which notes that Smiley-Face Bloomberg is but an errand boy for a broader effort at social engineering in America:

The program is voluntary for hospitals, and is part of a nationwide effort to improve newborns’ health by promoting breast-feeding for babies.

There are two reasons why the Obama administration would promote this. The first reason is that the president and his wife have shown a disturbing affinity for getting involved in children’s eating habits. Their intrusions open children’s lunch bags for government inspection and dictate what you can and cannot sell at PTA fundraisers.

Parents are being demoted to feeder units for the growing generation of government approved citizens. Exactly the kind of society I grew up in.

Obama’s second reason is purely ideological: he and other statists want to expand government in all directions possible, including having government take over our health care system. In order to make everyone fit into their socialized health care system they have to make sure we all live according to their standards: if they believe that obesity is the root of all evil, then they will control what we eat. Hence the invasion of government into our children’s lunch bags.

And the first weeks of a newborn baby’s lives.

In addition to getting people accustomed to eating according to government standards, the breast feeding dictate also serves the purpose of cutting costs in our health care system. Rationing, in other words. Which, incidentally, happens to be a crucial component of a socialized health care system.

The CBS News story continues:

Some city hospitals are already taking part in the program. At NYU Langone Medical Center, breast-feeding rates have surged from 39 percent of new moms to 68 percent since the program was implemented, the Post reported.

Of course. If you make it more difficult for people to use breast milk substitutes, then fewer mothers will use it. If you make substitutes illegal you could probably reach a breast-feeding rate of 100 percent. It is very easy to accomplish something if you can force people to do what you want them to do.

Again, there is no doubt that breast-feeding is a superior way to feed a baby, but again, that is not what this is about. If this was entirely a matter of promoting something good, then every government entity, from the Obama administration to Smiley-Face Bloomberg and down, would be making suggestions and producing colorful brochures about the virtues of breast feeding. But since they are using the coercive powers of government to inject themselves into the lives of our most infant fellow citizens, it is clear that there are other, more sinister motives behind this. It is a matter of social engineering and economic planning along the same lines as the Scandinavian welfare state. It is a matter of shaping the economy, and the population, for single-payer health care, government-run child care and other features of the authoritarian welfare state that have not yet made landfall in America.

Nutritional dictates are a small but disturbingly invasive part of the Dark Side of the Welfare State – the side American liberals don’t want you to know about.

Now: if government can invade our children’s eating habits in order to prevent future, costly medical conditions, who is to say it won’t invade our children’s lives at an earlier stage?