In New York Pot Is Less Harmful than Sprite

According to Smiley-Face Bloomberg, the omni-benevolent mayor of New York City, four fluid ounces of Sprite is more harmful to your health than a joint. Last week I reported that Mayor Smiley-Face wants to ban 16-fluid-ounce drinks at fast food restaurants in the city, making the 12-fluid-ounce drink the largest on sale. Today the New York Times tells us that:

The New York Police Department, the mayor and the city’s top prosecutors on Monday endorsed a proposal to decriminalize the open possession of small amounts of marijuana, giving an unexpected lift to an effort by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to cut down on the number of people arrested as a result of police stops. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, whose Police Department made about 50,000 arrests last year for low-level marijuana possession, said the governor’s proposal “strikes the right balance” in part because it would still allow the police to arrest people who smoke marijuana in public.

Instead, the mayor and his police department will let people go home and smoke. But if they dare try to get a 16-fluid-ounce drink at McDonald’s instead of a 12-fluid-ounce, then the big hammer of the law will come down on them.

In fairness, we should note that the easing of marijuana enforcement in the city is a result of an initiative from New York Governor Cuomo. He has announced that he will try to get the state legislature onboard with a statewide relaxation, an announcement that…

…was cheered by lawmakers from minority neighborhoods as well as by civil rights groups, who are increasingly looking to Albany and to Washington in an effort to rein in what they see as overly aggressive tactics on the part of the Bloomberg administration. Black leaders also cited the governor’s proposal as a rare recognition of — and attempt to remedy — what they describe as a cultural and legal double standard: that young African-American men are being arrested in large numbers for an activity — using marijuana — that is prevalent, but with less frequent legal consequences, among whites of the same age.

That may very well be true. And if the NYPD is practicing racial discrimination it should of course stop doing that. But the main point here is that you will no longer get arrested for carrying around some pot in your pocket, but all Hell will break loose if you try to get a little more Dr Pepper at your local Subway.

Will Mayor Smiley-Face demand arrest orders for people who take refills on their 12-fluid-ounce sodas? Will he clamp down on, and shut down, fast-food restaurants that look the other way as people help themselves to more Coke than the mayor has deemed healthy? Will he do this while allowing a much more unhealthy practice – smoking pot – to flourish?