Happy New Year!

Freedom Friends,

In the short few months since I moved my blogging here from larson4liberty.com, this blog has taken off. Readership is up month after month, with December being the best so far. Even better: more and more readers are using search engines to find older articles. I am especially delighted to see that the blog comes to use this way. I want my articles to be more than simple commentary. I want to build an analytical conversation, so to speak – I want my articles to form a pattern, to build an in-depth story that readers can return to again and again.

You can tell “stories”, especially highly analytical stories, in one big paper. But that is not the best way that we humans process information. We prefer to return to the same topic numerous times, to see it from different angles, pause and think and then come back again. That is what I want my blog to do for my readers. It looks like I am beginning to have some success in that field.

Establishing this blog has been one of my highlights of 2011. Another highlight was a small contribution to the GOP presidential campaign trail. In June I started writing for The Daily Caller, an influential news-commentary outfit with close ties to the Republican party. Everything went smoothly and I submitted my weekly columns… until I published this one about the lack of fiscal conservatism among the GOP candidates. One of my main points was that none of them could really come across as a true fiscal conservative: Tim Pawlenty came close on the spending side but he also led his state into the Tax Foundation’s Hall of Shame as the 7th highest taxed state in the country.

What really ticked off the big wigs in the GOP was the fact that I reported the truth about state spending in Massachusetts under Governor Mitt Romney. In his four years in office, Romney allowed the state budgets’ General Fund to expand 42 percent.

In the debate immediately following the publication of my column, Tim Pawlenty attacked Mitt Romney based on what I had written. Romney pretended he did not hear the comment, but the GOP big wigs – who had picked Romney for 2012 long before the debates started – went to work. Before you knew it, I was out as a columnist…

For the record, I support Romney for president. He has the potential to become not just a good president, but one of the best. He has experience and an impeccable work ethic. He can work with Democrats, he is intelligent and a problem solver. He also loves his country deeply. The one area where I do not trust him is fiscal policy. However, rather than electing a fiscal conservative with little or no leadership skills,  we should elect Romney and stuff Congress with as many fiscal conservatives as possible.

Happy New Year everyone!